Critical moment for Honduran workers’ fight: Tell Cornell to Cut Nike!

This week, Cornell University President David Skorton is deciding whether to cut the school’s lucrative contract with Nike, or to continue doing business with the company despite grave violations of Cornell’s code of conduct for apparel suppliers.

Ex-workers demand Nike pay them what they're owed at a rally in Honduras, June 12, 2010.

Ex-workers demand Nike pay them what they're owed at a rally in Honduras, June 12, 2010.

Take action now:  Tell Cornell to Cut Nike!

Hundreds of you have already e-mailed President Skorton, urging him to terminate Nike’s contract immediately to send a strong message that worker rights violations will not be tolerated.

Workers in the factories Hugger de Honduras and Vision Tex lost their jobs in January 2009.  They were sewing Nike apparel for U.S. universities.  Both factories were shut down when Nike dramatically decreased its orders following workers beginning to organize unions.  The ex-workers of the two plants, together with USAS and the Honduran union federation CGT (Central General de Trabajadores), are demanding Nike pay the $2.2 million dollars legally mandated severance pay.  Nike has not fulfilled this basic responsibility to workers, and the situation for the workers and their children is becoming more dire by the day.

The ex-workers are still taking action in Honduras to demand Nike pay what they’re owed.  Check out this slideshow of photos from workers’ most recent rally.

USAS affiliates at schools around the country are waging a campaign we call “Just Pay It!”, calling on our colleges and universities to stop doing business with Nike until they pay workers everything that they are owed.  To get involved at your school, e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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