Students Cover Nike Lobbyist Office with “Just Pay It!” Flyers

Nike-Govt-Relations_July-13-2010Early this morning, just blocks away from Congress, USAS members and community activists knocked on the front door of Nike’s lobbying headquarters. ┬áThe students, armed with handwritten letters from the ex-workers of two Nike supplier factories in Honduras, came to speak with Brad Figel, Nike’s Director of Government Relations. ┬áThe workers’ letters emphasized the daily suffering in the past 18 months of the 1,800 workers that Nike owes $2.2 in legally mandated severance.

Mr. Nigel was unavailable, so the students covered the front of the building in flyers to educate Nike’s neighbors and the many pedestrians passing by.

In other news, check out this report in the Huffington Post summarizing the Just Pay It campaign to date: “Student Campaign Takes on Nike Like Never Before”

About the Author

Jack Mahoney is a National Organizer for USAS. Jack coordinates our campaigns in solidarity with campus workers, along with various other duties. He graduated in 2008 from Georgetown University, where as a USAS member he organized with campus janitors for a landmark union victory for living wages.